by Rozco

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Don't you worry about me.


Chillin in sweatpants
Listening to Outkast
Thinkin bout how I'ma out last
All these dudes that run their mouth fast

A white cat crossed my path tonight
Opposite of bad luck
God, Damn, Am I right?
Or should I take that
right there as a sign
that everything will come to you man
In due time
Now listen

Listening to all my tracks
feelin' so fine
Just dropped another dime
Into the grinder
Just to go and find her
the one I thought was mine.
Her soul
was right around my neck.
She was my gold.
Never thought she turned cold.
But she turned cold

But I ain't worried about it.
Just dropped about 100
and we're about to smoke an O
to the head tonight

So girl just drop it quick
about to hit
the lights
and dream on good
while we're living in the sky

I never thought I'd be that kinda guy
to go and rap about it
but that;s just my life.
I'm just trying to live this life

Before it's on to the next one.
No longer regretting.
Just plan, don't worry
about the next sun.

Cause that's tomorrow
and it ain't promised to you.
Get your head up out that bottle.
I write this self-advice,
Go back and read it like a novel
My own personal bible,
guaranteeing my survival

In this crazy place.
Take a puff, throw on my shades, put on the straight face.
Tactfully paced away from all of the rat race.
Horses on never ending vegetable chase
Of the carrots.
Stop chasing carrots.
Go out and get it your damn self.

This for my Rozco P cold people
This for my down the street people
This for my overseas people
This for my smoking weed people
This for my drinking lean people
Cause you know there is no equal

We gone rise up before our times up.


released September 24, 2012
Lyrics: Rozco P
Mix/Master: Rozco P
Beat/Instrumental: from MF Doom Special Herbs - Arrow Root



all rights reserved


Rozco P California

documentation of perambulations across the nations, leaves in the AM, reading, writering, architechturing, reflections of the sun and the moon, sound and light

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